At Happisburgh Primary School we have four classes for the children. Maple Class has children in Reception, Years One and Two Horse Chestnut Class has children in Years Three and Four and Oak Class has children in years Five and Six. Maple Class follows the Foundation Curriculum and Key Stage One curriculum. Horse Chestnut and Oak Classes follow the Key Stage Two curriculum.

Maple Class
Horse Chestnut Class
Oak Class

All children are tested at the end of Key Stage One (Year Two SATs). and the end of Key Stage Two (Year Six SATs) The results of these are given to parents at parent interviews and in reports.

The curriculum has 5 core subjects, – English, Mathematics, Science, Information Communication Technology and Religious Education, and the foundation subjects – Design Technology, Art and Design, Music, History, Geography, Physical Education and a Modern Language.

We are required to teach Religious Education and we use the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus 2005. National Curriculum policies and documentation are available in school for parents to read.

The teaching staff plan their teaching using the National Curriculum. Some subjects are taught separately, whilst others are integrated and taught as part of a cross-curricular approach. The teachers use whole class, group and individual teaching as appropriate to the activity. Assessment of pupils’ learning plays a vital part in our planning.

At the beginning of each term parents are informed which themes their children will be studying and the areas of learning. By working through a cross-curricular approach we aim to engage the children creatively in their learning.

We approach our curriculum in a creative way to make learning fun. Although the National Curriculum is set in subjects, we link aspects together to provide a unified thread and to make learning links for the children. We are excited to provide a curriculum for our children in the 21st Century. Our school mission is to provide “Learning for Life”.