At Happisburgh we believe that homework should be meaningful to the children and have impact, accelerating their progress in class. We know that in our modern world, finding time to support children with homework can be difficult and we do not want to add burden to our families. 

As a school we know that reading at home impacts greatly on children’s progress and attainment in school. Children who read well, write well and are able to access all areas of the curriculum more fully. We expect families to read regularly with their children and encourage this through our Reading Karate scheme – each time children read at home they earn a point and put these towards their Reading Karate badges which are celebrated in worship.

We also provide access to TT Rockstars at home and ask parents to support their children in accessing this as much as possible – earning points to improve their rock band!

As the children move through the school they may be provided with additional tasks such as spellings and grammar exercises which support their learning. Please support your children with these if you are able as they will help them to grasp concepts more quickly and make good progress. We understand that this might not always be possible but every little helps!

If you have any questions about homework in your child’s class please contact their teacher who will be happy to help.