Maple Class

Maple Class is a mixed class for our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children. Mrs Hack teaches the class from Monday – Tuesday and Mrs Mejri teaches from Wednesday – Friday. The children are also supported by Mrs Gomulak and Mrs Lawrence.

We start every day with our Phonics sessions, following the All Aboard Phonic scheme. Then we work on English and Maths before moving onto foundation subjects in the afternoon.

We like to encourage children to be outdoors and are currently developing an exciting new outdoor area – watch this space for new developments!

Out of this world

Family learning – mod roc planets

D&T – making Moon buggies





We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We made 3D shapes using nets, we used straws and blu-tack as well as making them from cardboard.

Learning about place value.



In Geography we have been learning about physical and human geography. We started by exploring Happisburgh and then looked at atlases and maps, finding England, Norfolk and Happisburgh. We finished by learning the compass points North, South, East and West and followed them on a compass.

In History we have been learning about ‘Toys’. We began by looking at our favourite toys. Then we compared modern toys to toys from the past. We researched toys that have been played with through time, like dolls, board games and balls. Finally we found out about the life and work of Frank Hornby.


Identifying and sorting plants and trees.


Learning what technology is, using the touch pad on a computer. Drawing a picture and writing a sentence.


We have been learning to find the tempo and beat in different songs and learning how to play the xylophone.


Seaside and shipwrecks – Summer Topic

Topic Web showing what the children in Silver Birch will be learning about this term


Some interesting and exciting projects to look at and complete at home to help with our learning on Seasides and Shipwrecks, this half term the homework focus is Pirates.



We have been learning all about Grace Darling and Henry Blogg in history and how they bravely went out to sea in all weathers to rescue people in danger. Today Mr Risby who volunteers for the RNLI at Happisburgh came and explained how things have changed. We were lucky enough to be able to try on the lifejacket and helmet and asked lots of very interesting questions.


Mini olympics

We all participated in a Mini Olympics with children from St Marys, Roughton, we ran races, jumped over hurdles threw tennis balls and javelins and finished up with a relay around the field. We all had a fantastic time. Some of us gained enough points to get a medal and a trophy but we all achieved a medal. Fantastic team work shown by everyone.

Art , Science , RE.

Maths and English

In English we have been looking at rhyming poems about the Sea. We began by learning a poem and adding our own actions. We learnt about rhyming words, onomatopoeia and alliteration and then had a go at writing our own poems.


Maths; Multiplication

Making arrays, playing times tables games and counting in 5’s, many of the different activities we have been completed to learn about multiplication.

Prayer space day

We had a wonderful Prayer Space day, learning all about the Bible Story ‘The Good Samaritan’. So many wonderful experiences and activities.

Impact week

We have had a brilliant impact week. We began by having a pirate themed day, where we all dressed as Pirates, spoke like Pirates, wrote a message to put in a bottle and made magnified rock pool images. Then we focused our learning on the seaside and made lighthouses on rocks. We experimented with wires, batteries, bulbs and switches to see if we could make a lightbulb turn on and off. Finally we used salt dough to make creatures that we may find at the seaside.

Class Trip – Banham Zoo

Silver Birch had a fantastic time when they visited Banham Zoo. They learnt lots about the different animals and were interested to find out where they could be found living in the wild from the maps.

Poles Apart – Spring Topic

Poles Apart topic Web showing what the children in Silver Birch will be learning about this term

Some interesting and exciting projects to look at and complete at home to help with our learning on the Polar Regions.


Impact Week Activities

We looked carefully at animals who live in the Polar Regions and then sculpted some from Fimo.


Look at some of the amazing homework the children in Silver Birch have brought in to share with their class mates and the rest of the school.



We teach phonics every morning in small differentiated groups and we follow the ‘All Aboard’ phonics scheme. Our phonic sessions are practical and quick paced and we always recap on previous learning before introducing new sounds during each week. We then practice this learning in guided reading sessions and encourage the children to use their knowledge of sounds when writing.





We encourage the children to read every day in class. We provide the class with topic related books and we also give the children reading scheme books to take home. These are linked to their learning in phonics session.




In History we have been learning all about Ernest Shackleton and his expedition to the Antarctic on his ship, Endurance. We have learnt how to find out about the past, looked at a range of artefacts, took on the role of Shackleton and some of his crew and finally put events on a timeline from the moment he left England to when he rescued his crew from Elephant Island.

Marvellous middle

Let’s Explore London – Autumn Topic

Autumn Term 2021. Lot’s of great learning through our topic ‘Let’s explore London.’