Breakfast Club

Breakfast club at Happisburgh Primary is open at 8.00 until 8.45 before school starts.  The main purpose of the breakfast club is to provide a safe, secure environment before school, where children can have a decent breakfast with their friends.

Breakfast club also provides a before school childcare for families where parents work or need to get other children to different schools or childcare settings.

The menu of breakfast club varies from day to day, from beans on toast, waffles with strawberries and blueberries to pancakes with lemon.  There is always two choices of cereal, yoghurts, fresh fruit, cereal bars and different drinks such as tea, hot chocolate, milk, apple juice, orange juice and iced-tea!

Children come in and have their breakfast, then they have time to play.  There are usually activities such as board games, colouring and drawing and iPads to either play games or catch up on a bit of homework!

There has been a wealth of research into the benefits of children having a good breakfast.  These include, improved concentration, improved attendance and punctuality, better behaviour and improved attainment and achievement at school.

Breakfast club is also a good place to socialise.  The social interaction is really important, often, the breakfast club is the only opportunity for children of different ages to spend time together at school.

Breakfast club costs £3.00 per child per day but if your child only attends for the last 15 minutes without eating breakfast, it is only £1.00.