Children living in Eccles-on-sea, Hempstead, Lessingham and parts of Happisburgh may be eligible for free transport provision. The County Council must provide free transport if the child is of compulsory age (i.e. 5 to 16 years old) and is attending the catchment school and lives more than the qualifying distance from the school, measured by the shortest available walking route from the house front door to the main door of the school.

The qualifying distances are over 2 miles for pupils under 8 and over 3 miles for pupils over 8. Ages are taken on 1st September each school year. If your child is starting school and you live more than 2 miles from your local school, free transport will be provided from 1st September for children born between 1st March and 31st August.

Children travelling to and from school by bus/coach are expected to behave in a sensible and responsible manner. For safety reasons they should not leave their seats whilst it is in motion. Noise levels should be kept reasonable so as not to be a distraction to the driver. Emergency evacuation procedures for school buses, as produced by the Education Officer, are practised.