British Values

  British Values

Democracy  .  The Rule of Law . Individual Liberty . Mutual Respect . Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith

At Happisburgh CE VA Primary and Early Years School, we uphold and promote British values. We value the backgrounds of all our pupils and families and celebrate both their individuality and commonality. Using a wide range of activities, we teach self- belief, tolerance and respect and ensure that young people leave their education with us fully prepared for life in modern Britain.

Pupils at Happisburgh enjoy learning through a wide range of curriculum topics which aim to give the children an understanding and appreciation of the world in which they live and the communities within it (both past and present) as well as their own place within it.  The ethos of the school actively supports the development of self-knowledge and promotes the development of self-esteem and self-confidence. We continuously seek to identify our talents and strengths, and time is given to celebrate and appreciate our achievements and those of others, particularly during our weekly Celebration assemblies.

Through our learning in history, we explore the development and  fall of past civilisations; the influence of great men and women and how their actions have had a positive effect on our lives today; and the impact of past errors and intolerances on the peoples of the world.

Our RE curriculum helps us to understand the difference between right and wrong and good and evil. Its strong philosophical focus teaches us to listen, question, develop ideas and form and articulate opinions. Our work in theology enables the children to gather knowledge about different religions and to understand and respect beliefs that may be different from our own.  Through our work in human sciences, children find out how religious belief influences the way people live their lives and with this knowledge and understanding, we see the growth of tolerance.

Our behaviour policy has been agreed by our pupils and addresses the balance between action and consequence, both positive and negative. It encourages pupils to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and to recognise and challenge or praise the behaviour of others.  Our anti – bullying ethos encourages respect for others, celebrating our differences and finding positive solutions to any issues that may arise in life.

Alongside other day-to-day activities and our curriculum, democracy is demonstrated through our School Council, which is an elected body. The Council  meets regularly and discusses issues that have been raised by the pupils of the school, making decisions that will improve the experience of the children whilst they are part of the Happisburgh Community.

Children are supported in showing initiative and in understanding how they can contribute positively to the lives of those living and working in the locality of the school and to the wider society. We promote courageous advocacy and the children feel their ideas are valued and that they are given the opportunity to take action on issues that important to them.