Outdoor Science

We have been investigating solids, liquids and gases outside using our garden and camp fire. We are using eggs to investigate changes of state.

We discussed the structure of an egg and how it changes when heated.

We have been discussing reversible and irreversible changes using eggs and then chocolate.

We cracked the eggs before and after heating and observed how they looked, felt and smelt. We investigated chocolate in a similar way and it tasted delicious!

Greek Day!

We became Greeks for the day, made our own Greek artefacts, wax tablets, herbal remedies, mosaic tiles and even took part in a Greek banquet.

The Beach

We had the most amazing morning on Happisburgh beach. The sun shone and the sea was calm.  It really was an absolute pleasure to take the children and they all behaved impeccably.

We collected pebbles for our reflective area we are developing and spent time identifying types of rock, seaweed and pebbles.

It was a morning of fun, laughter and a huge amount of learning. I look forward to taking the children to the beach again soon. We will focus next time on art, English or Math while visiting the beach.