About Us

Happisburgh is a small picturesque village on the North Coast of Norfolk. The school is situated in the middle of Happisburgh but also serves the villages of Lessingham, Hempstead and Eccles. The school is close to the church, post office, pub and beach. The village community is keen to support the school in a variety of ways.

There has been a school on the site in Happisburgh since 1861. The school was remodeled and extended to prepare for the school’s change to Primary in September 2006, with an Early Years classroom built and opened in 2015. The school consists of 5 classrooms, a library with study space and a "Space for Sport and Arts" hall with excellent changing rooms and showers with a large field and outdoor space.

The next stage of development will include redevelopment of the playgrounds including the permanent play equipment installation in the field and vegetable garden.

The school is organised into three classes: Reception years 1 & 2, years 3 & 4 and years 5 & 6.

The staffing for the next financial year is 5.0, the Head of School does not have a teaching commitment but is active within the classrooms. Music is taught by a specialist teacher for all year groups, with years 5 and 6 learning to play an instrument. Specialist sports coaches deliver high quality provision across the school, with swimming being taught in Key Stage 2. French is taught by a specialist teacher for years 3 to 6.

The school has a rich variety of extended school activities ranging from Cookery club to Martial Arts. The Hall is used by adult groups including badminton and Pilates. We aim to become a centre for Community Learning.

The Governing Board is active and supportive of the school and is keen to see the school move forward into an exciting future.