Safety, Health and Welfare

The School Nurse is available to come into school if required. You are welcome to call in and discuss any medical matter relating to your child (please telephone the office to enquire when she is next in school or telephone her direct on 500560).

Medical and dental checks take place periodically during the year and parents are notified of these well in advance.

Unfortunately we do not have facilities at school for caring for children who are ill, so please see that your child is in good health before bringing them to school in the morning. If they have been sick during the night or just before school, please keep them at home.

If your child is taken ill at school we will always contact you – please ensure that we have your telephone number and also an alternative emergency telephone number in case you are unavailable.

The full Health and Safety County Policy document can be seen in school. The school staff will act in ‘loco parentis’ with your children. They will be supervised at all times in the classroom and at all break and playtimes by the duty member of staff. Children are expected to wear suitable PE clothing for gymnastics, dance and games. Parents are also requested to provide suitable swimwear. (See Clothing).
Detailed arrangements for accidents and Fire Drill have been discussed with staff and are available for you to look at.

Health and Safety arrangements will be reviewed annually and comments or suggestions from parents are most welcome.

In the interest of safety bicycles must not be ridden on the school playground. It is advisable for any child riding to school to wear a cycle helmet. Jewellery should not be worn in school. Children with pierced ears must only wear studs and these must be removed for PE and swimming. Wrist watches may be worn in school but must remain the child’s responsibility.


The children are encouraged to care for each other and the school surroundings. There are a few basic rules in school and these are made to ensure the safety and well being of everyone. They are called the Golden Rules.

We will always consult you if we are concerned about your child’s behaviour. A copy of the school behaviour policy is available for all parents. This allows parents to know about the expectations of the school with regard to behaviour.

Ofsted June 2008 “Pupils behaviour is very good and, throughout the school, there is a strong sense of community where each individual is cared for and respected”.