Pupil Premium

Happisburgh CE VA Primary School

Pupil Premium statement April 2016-2017

What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium is allocated to schools for children of statutory school age from low income families who are eligible for Free School Meals(FSM), for children who are looked after by the local authority(LAC) adopted children and to children whose parents are currently serving in the Armed Forces.

Schools are able to spend the pupil premium as they see necessary to support the children who are in receipt of it. However, for accountability purposes, schools are required to show clearly how and where the money is spent.

In the financial year 2015/2016 Happisburgh Primary School received £16,020 to support its pupils.

In 2015-2016 the funding was spent on:

Purchase Description

Targeted teaching support for individual pupils/small groups –intervention groups, sound discovery, phonics,



To ensure these pupils make optimum progress and are fully integrated into the school. Supporting their physical, educational, behavioral and emotional needs.


Classroom assistant to support 4hrs a week in KS2 to support with guided reading, reading comprehension tasks, focused grammar work


-to work with identified children in KS 2 for guided reading/reading comprehension/grammar tasks


Early Years Interventions



Training for staff

Extended transition period and liaison with feeder pre schools

Early identification of pupils with additional needs

Support for families

Oral language interventions for EAL pupils/speech difficulties

Phonics training for new staff

Resources to support work


1:1 /small group tuition for KS2


As directed by class teacher ,Maths or English focus   additional support




Focused staff training on feedback techniques, effective assessment methods ,challenging questioning


  • Less fortunate pupils closed the gap, in several cases attainment for these children better than the rest of their cohort

Progress was in line with all other pupils, in some cases better

  • Monitoring of pupils as part of usual and regular tracking
  • Lesson observations reflect good teaching and good pupil progress
  • Results improved-across both key stages
  • Pupils and staff are safe-staff feel more confident in dealing with more difficult behaviour
  • Staff know how to handle the most challenging situations correctly
  • Ofsted described progress for Looked after children from starting points as outstanding.


During the Financial Year 2016-2017 Happisburgh Primary School will receive £22,860 in Pupil Premium.

The Head teacher and the Governors are aware that this money should be used to inspire and improve the learning opportunities for these children. Therefore Pupil Premium this year will be spent to allow the school to achieve the following:

Purchase Description Pupils supported Cost implication Impact

Targeted learning support for individual pupils/small groups –intervention groups



To ensure these pupils make optimum progress and are fully integrated into the school. Supporting their physical, educational, behavioural and emotional needs.


Identified pupils





·         Pupils close the gap

·         Progress in line with all other pupils

·         Monitored in PEP review



Classroom assistant to support in KS2 to support with friendship club, supporting children through times of emotional difficulty, restorative justice, behavioural support in classroom


To work with identified children in KS1/KS 2 as suggested by class teacher as a result of LAC/PEP reviews


Identified pupils




·         Pupils relationships with peers improve

·         Learning behaviour is supported

·         Self-esteem of children is raised

·         Pupils close the gap as feel more settled and secure

·         Progress in line with all other pupils



Additional teacher to create smaller more focused teaching groups 1:1 tuition for KS2 Spring Term 2017


As directed by class teacher ,Mathematics or English focus

Identified pupils  



·         Test results

·         Pupil progress tracked as group

·         Pupils close the gap

·         Monitoring effect in class/books

Fiction Express  

Computer based reading comprehension tool to be used in classes and as homework tool


All pupils




·         Reading comprehension improves across all age groups

·         Monitored by Salford testing


OT assessment for child with statement


As requested at EHCP






Identified pupil




·         Child has suitable OT support in school

·         TA has suitable training to support child


Writing INSET for staff

Twilight with Victoria Groom

Training day


Improving the standard of writing across this group of pupils


Work on standardisation/robust levelling linked to new writing expectations-twilight


Training linked to using drama and talk as a means of developing children’s writing




All staff










·         Good progress in children’s writing from various starting points

·         Children motivated /engaged children closing the gap

·         Greater proportion children reach above national expectation



Total Cost for Financial Year April 2016-April 2017



£22,860 estimate at this time

Will be adjusted according to specific needs of LAC children

Funding from other sources will also be used to support some of these activities; however they are seen as particularly important to support the best outcomes for pupils at our school this year.