P.E. and Sport Premium Funding

PE and Sport Premium Development Plan 2017-2018

What is the PE and Sport Premium Funding?

From September 2013 the government are allocating funding directly to primary schools to support the provision of quality PE/Sport. Each school will receive £16,000 plus an extra £10 per pupil each year. It’s important that we use this money wisely, so that we get best value and maximum impact for our children.

As a result of the additional funding we aim to:

  • Make sustainable improvements to the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision
  • Increase pupil’s participation in PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of

We plan to do this by:

  • Hiring qualified sports coaches to work with pupils and teachers
  • Train and upskill teachers and PE staff so they can carry out their role effectively
  • Provide staff with high quality resources to help teach PE and sport to the highest standards
  • Participate in sports competitions
  • Link with other schools to develop partnership work in PE

Impact of Sport Development plan 2016-2017

Amount of grant received: £8,200

  • Teacher’s subject knowledge has improved and teaching of PE in both Key Stages continues to develop. Slanted Dance also provided teachers with CPD to develop their planning and teaching of dance within the curriculum. Planning materials also purchased to aid with this. Staff have growing confidence to utilise new skills.
  • Extracurricular dance workshops provided to enrich the children’s learning and development in PE.
  • Sports equipment replaced in order to enable the development of high quality teaching and learning in PE.
  • New playtime equipment purchased to develop children’s physical development skills at playtimes and lunchtime.
  • Children experience new sports (archery and performing arts) and have a go. Pupils benefit from specialist coaches and widen their experience of sport/motivated to try new ones.
  • New school clubs offered to enhance previous provision on offer after school.
  • Coaches provided to offer opportunities for children to compete with other schools to develop their competitiveness and challenge the more able pupils.
  • High quality swimming sessions provided for all children in KS2.
  • Large table tennis tables purchased to be used and enjoyed by all children during playtimes and lunch time to develop children’s enjoyment of sport.

 Amount of grant received 2017/2018: £16,790

Purchase: Description: Pupils supported:


Cost implication: Impact/sustainability: Evidence:



Norfolk PE conference


Improve teacher’s knowledge and share best practise (TV)


Whole school





Improve teacher’s subject knowledge and share best practise, so that improvements become sustainable.

Using the trained staff to up-skill other teachers and TAs.



PE action plan.


Course attended and information shared with staff.


CPD training sessions- gymnastics, tag rugby, quicksticks, netball etc.


Training sessions provided for teaching staff to develop confidence in teaching new sports and games.


Whole school.





Teachers are more confident and competent in teaching a range of sports and games. Teaching staff more confident using specific equipment to enhance teaching of sports and games. Enhanced quality of teaching and learning of a variety of sports and games ins school.  

Attended a variety of courses.


PE action plan.


Engaging SEND pupils to maximise their learning time in PE


Provide teachers with knowledge and understanding of ways to engage chd with SEND in PE



Whole School- DD to attend course


£168 supply


To ensure all children are able to participate fully in PE lessons (focussing on chd with SEND) to maximise their learning time in PE.


Course attended.


Staff meeting minuets- DD to share course information to staff.


Extended school sports


Slanted Dance workshops & Yoga and wellbeing twilight CPD session for staff








1/2 day Norfolk Show Performance & 1/2 day workshops

Workshops provided for children to access high quality dance sessions.


CPD sessions then implemented to support teaching of Yoga across school.




Workshops provided to rehearse for dance performance at Norfolk Show





Whole school.











Yr 3-6


Whole school













Enhanced quality of teaching and learning of dance in school.


Enhanced quality of teaching and learning of Yoga in school. Development of children’s wellbeing in school.

PE action plan.


Curriculum map.


After-school cookery club


Provide resources/ingredients for children to take part in an after-school cookery club.




Whole school.




Promote and develop children’s understanding of healthy lifestyles.




PE action plan.


After-school club registers.


Other sport experiences



Additional sport activities in school curriculum time:

sport events, Olympics, multicultural sessions (inc. dance).



To improve the breadth and quality of PE in school and expose children to more opportunity to get involved in sport


Whole school




Children experience new sports and have a go.


Pupils benefit from specialist coaches and widen their experience of sport/motivated to try new ones.



PE action plan.


Photos of sporting events.


Travel to competitive events/external sports facility


As needed to facilitate excellence in sport


Whole school



To enable children to benefit by competing locally and nationally if needed, travel to other venues if required to experience a new sport/competition arranged by cluster.


To promote enjoyment and participation in competitive sports and games activities. To give a variety of children to compete at their level.


To develop children’s understanding that PE can aid learning across the curriculum.  To develop team work, communication, leadership, and success and/or ability to deal with not winning.


PE action plan.


Photos of competitive sports opportunities.


Additional funding to support swimming/and its bus as new charges for swimming are unconfirmed



To give every child in school the chance to learn to swim when they reach KS2






To provide high quality swimming sessions for all children in KS2.


To develop a sustainable PE framework to support staff long term.


Curriculum plan.


Long-term and medium-term plans.






Sports equipment- small outdoor playtime equipment, tennis and athletics equipment


New equipment purchased to encourage and develop children’s fitness during playtimes.




Tennis and athletics equipment purchased to enable staff to teach tennis sessions during PE.



Whole school




Give the children the opportunity to play sports and games at playtimes.





Develop children’s enjoyment of sport.

To purchase new sports equipment in order to enable the development of children’s fitness across the school.

Further audit of resources each year. Discussion with staff (teachers, TAs and MSAs) about equipment.

To enhance the quality of teaching and learning of new sports in PE lessons.


PE action plan.


Photos of chd accessing and enjoying new playtime equipment.


North Norfolk Crucial Crew Event


Interactive safety initiative.


Year 6 pupils


£150 coach hire

Children experience and participate in a range of realistic situations, which are potentially life threatening, in order to raise their awareness of what they can do to increase their own and others’ safety.  

Photos of chd’s participation of event.


Permanent outside fitness equipment, climbing equipment for Early Years and development of Trim Trail



Climbing units for Early Years and main school environment, range of trim trail equipment.



Whole School


£9,000 + VAT

Fitness station permanent fixture to be used and enjoyed for all children at playtimes and during PE lessons.

Improves circulation and promotes healthy lifestyles and fitness.

Add some challenging play within the Early Years environment to develop high energy activity and problem solving.

Trim trail to be used to maximise movement and keep children active during playtimes.


Photos of chd accessing and enjoying new fitness equipment.

Additional SportsafeUK fixtures and repairs to sports equipment Whole school £212.74 To ensure all equipment used in school is fit for purpose and safe to use. PE action plan