Silver Birch Class

Silver Birch Class have children in Year One and Two.


In school, we use Jolly Phonics to learn the main sounds used in reading and writing. For each sound there is an action which helps the children remember the sound the letter makes. There are 42 sounds within Jolly Phonics including common sounds that use 2 letters e.g. ‘sh’ and ‘or’.

The children will each have a sound book, with all of the sounds in to take home and practise. Please could you support your child by looking though the sounds each day.

The sounds are not introduced in alphabetical order but in a way that allows the children to make many words using just the first 6 sounds. The first group, ‘s a t p i n’, has been chosen because they make more simple three letter words than any other six letters.

As the children progress through the sounds, they will be given a set of key words to practise. These are made up of high frequency/common decodeable words and some tricky words, which children have to remember and read on sight.


We use a colour coded reading scheme, which enables our children to visualise their progress. In this scheme we use a variation of books including the Oxford Reading Tree and Rigby Star series.

As well as learning to read in Shared and Guided reading sessions, children will also have their own individual reading books to take home with a reading record book. This is to encourage early reading skills and teach children about reading for pleasure.

Whenever you read, make books special and praise all attempts. Encourage your child to re-tell the story in their own words.

Using the reading record- Please write in the date when you hear your child read and make helpful positive comments.

Parent Beach day!

Cherry Tree class and Silver Birch class visited the beach this summer and invited families along to have fun.

We created art work using natural beach materials, made sand castles and played in the rock pools. We even saw a seal! The children and families had a fantastic time!

Harvey ‘I had fun.’

Millie ‘I made fish art work’.

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People Who Help Us – Summer 2016

We have been lucky enough to learn about people who help us this half term and many people have visited our class to talk about their role.

We had a visit from Ed, from Norfolk fire and Rescue, to teach us about how to escape in the event of fire and how to avoid the dangers of fire.

DSCF4063  DSCF3972

Mrs Newson came in to talk about her hair dressing role and how she helps people with their hair.

Reverend Dobson and her colleague Ray came in to talk about their helpful roles in the church and community. Ray told the children how he had worked at the church for over 60 years and had just received Maundy money from the queen in recognition of his help.

DSCF4071   DSCF3961

Mrs Meale the paramedic came in to talk about her role in saving lives. Children enjoyed learning about the equipment she uses (stethoscope) and trying on her uniform. Children were taught what to do in the event of an emergency and how to call an ambulance.

Esther, the PCSO also came to visit us and talk about how she helps in the community. We were also able to try on some of her uniform.

Mrs Simmons also came in to talk about her role as an A & E nurse. She told children about lots of the equipment she uses and even showed the class how to bandage a broken arm.


March 2016

Hickling Broad

We were very lucky to have such a gorgeous sunny day. The children enjoyed creating artwork in the woods and pond dipping for wildlife.

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