Welcome to Horse Chestnut Class

Horse Chestnut Class has children in Years Three and Four.

We really enjoy having parents into the classroom in the mornings. If you are in school in the morning and are able to stay from 8.40 – 8.50, we would love to see you so that you can hear your child read and this gives you an opportunity to see what we are learning about at the moment

Working Walls

In Horse Chestnut Class we use working walls. We use these for English, Maths and Science.  These are a record of our learning and we add to these daily so that we can build on our previous learning.

100_8781   100_8782

100_8783   100_8784

In Horse Chestnut we are making strong links throughout the curriculum so that we travel on a journey through our learning.

We have begun our learning about the Stone Age by visiting Gressenhall to become Stone Age hunter gatherers.

We learnt about early farming and the impact this has had on our lives today.


Outdoor Maths

We enjoyed a fun maths morning making and flying paper aeroplanes to test our measuring of distance skills.



Working together to make volcanoes as part of our Science learning involving rocks and soils.

volcano1        volcano2


Greek Day!

We became Greeks for the day, made our own Greek artefacts, wax tablets, herbal remedies, mosaic tiles and even took part in a Greek banquet.

 greek1 greek4   greek2    greek3

The Beach

We had the most amazing morning on Happisburgh beach. The sun shone and the sea was calm.  It really was an absolute pleasure to take the children and they all behaved impeccably.

We collected pebbles for our reflective area we are developing and spent time identifying types of rock, seaweed and pebbles.

All of the children were so excited and enthused about their new classroom environment for the morning. After collecting our pebbles and our science work, we had time to play on the beach. There were Jurassic lands, make believe shops, sculptures of the Nile and Ancient Egypt and construction of tunnels. There was even an art attack, a huge blue whale!!!!

DSCF0602    DSCF0576    beach1    beach2

It was a morning of fun, laughter and a huge amount of learning. I look forward to taking the children to the beach again soon. We will focus next time on art, English or Math while visiting the beach.