October 2014

Family Maths morning

On the 10th of October Horse Chestnut Class had a Family Maths morning.  We invited our family and carers into the classroom to share learning and enjoy maths activities and games. It was so exciting to see so many family members in our classroom enjoying time together.  We played maths bingo, used base ten to create given numbers, took on multilink challenges, played giant time games and shared our numeracy knowledge and learning with our parents and carers. We really appreciate all of the support and hope to do this again soon.

Mrs Heaps

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Norwich Castle Trip

Horse Chestnut Class had a fantastic day at Norwich Castle meeting the Romans and the Iceni.  We made Celtic Torcs, met a Roman soldier, experienced Iceni Village Life and handled Roman artefacts. These are some of the comments from the children:

‘I enjoyed meeting the Roman soldier and watching my friend Leighton hold a Roman sword’.

‘I enjoyed learning about Roman weapons’

‘I enjoyed being able to touch real Roman artefacts’.

‘History was brought to life during our interactive workshops’.

‘I enjoyed being able to make a Celtic Torc’.

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Erupting Volcanoes

We have been learning about rocks and soils during science this term. We have been researching volcanoes and finding out why and how they erupt.

We worked together in groups to build our own volcanoes using a flower pot, plastic bottle and layers of newspaper.

We mixed a solution together of vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and red food colouring and poured this into the top of the volcano. It was fantastic watching them erupt!!!!!