Horse Chestnut Home Learning

Easter Activities

Here’s a link to fun activities Norfolk Libraries have set over April.

Easter Challenges

Hello everyone,

I have given you a matrix of some exciting and inspirational websites which I hope help and I would love to hear about any of these you try.

Weekly tasks (1)

I have also uploaded English and Maths lessons for the week.

These will be updated again when the term begins on the 20th of April.

Year 3 English

Year 4 English

I am trying to make sure these cover everything I would have been covering and that they are progressive for the children.  Ensuring that skills and knowledge are built upon.

The Home Learning area on White Rose is especially great and there are activities, videos and answers to help.

These are daily activities alongside the workbooks I am giving you.

After Easter I will make it interesting with other subject areas also such as History, Science and Geography and I will send you the topic ideas we would have been doing.


Helpful websites

Every morning at 9.00 online Jo Wicks is holding live P.E. classes for 30 minutes to keep us fit and to support the wellbeing of our children.
We will miss you all and very much hope to see you soon.
Take care and keep safe

Mrs Heaps