Horse Chestnut Class

Horse Chestnut Class has children in Years Three and Four.

We really enjoy having parents into the classroom in the mornings. If you are in school in the morning and are able to stay from 8.40 – 8.50, we would love to see you so that you can hear your child read and this gives you an opportunity to see what we are learning about at the moment

Working Walls

In Horse Chestnut Class we use working walls. We use these for Literacy, Numeracy and Science.  These are a record of our learning and we add to these daily so that we can build on our previous learning.

100_8781   100_8782

100_8783   100_8784

September 2016


Working together to make volcanoes as part of our Science learning involving rocks and soils.

volcano1        volcano2

July 2016

Family Science

We made marshmallow shooters and balloon cars as part of our science learning.

Our families came into school to help.

science3        science2

June 2016

Greek Day!

We became Greeks for the day, made our own Greek artefacts, wax tablets, herbal remedies, mosaic tiles and even took part in a Greek banquet.

 greek1 greek4   greek2    greek3

March 2016

The Beach

We had the most amazing morning on Happisburgh beach. The sun shone and the sea was calm.  It really was an absolute pleasure to take the children and they all behaved impeccably.

We collected pebbles for our reflective area we are developing and spent time identifying types of rock, seaweed and pebbles.

All of the children were so excited and enthused about their new classroom environment for the morning. After collecting our pebbles and our science work, we had time to play on the beach. There were Jurassic lands, make believe shops, sculptures of the Nile and Ancient Egypt and construction of tunnels. There was even an art attack, a huge blue whale!!!!

DSCF0602    DSCF0576    beach1    beach2

It was a morning of fun, laughter and a huge amount of learning. I look forward to taking the children to the beach again soon. We will focus next time on art, Literacy or Numeracy while visiting the beach.

November 2015

Calendar Making

It really was a lovely morning, thank you for joining us and supporting us in making our calendars. We look forward to finishing these so that you can have them at home. All of the children with the help of very creative adults, produced very original landscapes using textiles, wool and beads.

DSCF0011    DSCF0023

May 2015


We had an exciting day at Holt Hall on Monday 11 May. We spent the day learning how to read grid references, use a compass, orientate a map and work with a partner. We built on these skills during the day so that we could take part in orienteering in the Holt Hall grounds.

100_0586       100_0587          100_0589           100_0592     100_0597      100_0599

We used a compass and a map and were sent off in twos on our own!!! Mrs Heaps was very pleased to see all thirty of us back at our meeting point!!!

We will be building on these skills back in school.

February 2015

Presenting our Stories to our Families

We have been planning and writing our own stories based around a Treasure Island.

As a class we have been sharing ‘Five on a Treasure Island’ by Enid Blyton. This text has given us inspiration to write our own Adventure Story.

We drew treasure maps and planned our ideas carefully before writing. We had to include powerful verbs, adjectives and the power of three in our stories. We used metaphor and simile and our five senses to create atmosphere.

We were then very proud to share these stories with our families.  We each presented our story to an audience.

Children’s comments:

‘I was so excited to share my story with my family’.

‘I have never been able to read my work aloud before to an audience and this time I was able to.’

‘I realised that I felt confident about my reading.’

‘My family were so proud of me.’

100_9967 100_9976 100_9980

Spring Working Walls

We have been working incredibly hard this term.  When you are in school please feel free to come and read our working walls.  Much of these are created by us!!!!!

We are Sculptors

We have been working with Mr Wise to create our Anglo-Saxon Village.  This week we have moved on from sketching and are now moulding and sculpting our buildings and trees using clay. We used a variety of tools and techniques during this session.

100_0109 100_0115 100_0125

World Book Day

We had a wonderful day on the 5th of March in school.  We celebrated World Book day by dressing as our favourite book character.  Even the adults dressed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were challenged to read as much as we could and filled in a Reading Log.

The children that had read to an adult five times were presented with a book mark and two children from each year group received a lovely new book.

We read lots during the day, every time a tambourine sounded, we had to stop what we were doing and read for two minutes. We took our books everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Children were asked to share their views of the day:

‘I loved dressing up.’

‘It was great to have so many opportunities to read during the day.’

‘I really enjoyed seeing what the adults had dressed up as.’

‘I enjoyed having a reading challenge.’

‘It was great to earn a bookmark.’

100_0095 100_0097

January 2015

We are Architects

We are working with a 3D illustrator during our art sessions to draw and plan an Anglo-Saxon village. We are currently learning about the Anglo-Saxons and their lives in Britain. To further our understanding, we are using links between Art, I.C.T. and History to create an Anglo-Saxon village. With a 3D imaging programme Mr Wise is teaching us how to draw and sketch in 3D. We are learning several techniques over the next few weeks which will result in a final drawing. We will then use these drawings to sculpt our own building in our village. We will then bring our buildings together to create our village as a class.

Children have been very excited about these sessions:

‘I enjoyed learning how to draw a three dimensional barn’.

‘I found it very interesting learning about the work that Mr Wise does.’

‘We learnt about the buildings that would have been part of an Anglo-Saxon village.’

‘I enjoyed learning how to hold my pencil correctly and how to sketch properly.’

We look forward to showing you the final piece of art.

100_9768 100_9765

We are Scientists

We have been discovering about rocks and soils. This week we asked ourselves the question ‘What is soil made of?’

We were each given containers of soil which we added to water and stirred. We studied these as the soil settled and discussed what was happening to the soil.

We noticed that air bubbles formed on the surface of the water and the heavier soil floated to the bottom.

‘I really enjoyed watching what happened when we stirred the soil.’

It was really interesting when we laid soil onto paper and the paper became wet.’

‘I loved observing the soil in water and watching the changes.

‘I enjoyed watching the air bubbles escape from the soil.’

‘I liked seeing the particles of animals and plants rise to the surface of the water.’

‘I enjoyed drawing diagrams.’

100_9699 100_9701

We are Compassionate

World Leprosy Day

On Friday the 23rd of January we supported World Leprosy Day. Our families joined us to make helping hands. We decorated these with ways in which we can help those in our local community and abroad.

100_9832 100_9864


December 2014

Family Maths

Horse Chestnut Class have enjoyed another very successful Family Maths. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our families for all of their support. These sessions are thoroughly enjoyed by all of us. Sharing our learning with our families is having a positive impact on the children’s learning and many parents and Carers are taking this opportunity to understand more about our current learning.

The date for our next Family Maths will be on 23rd of January 9-9.30

100_9400 100_9417 100_9403

Advent Wreath

Children have enjoyed creating an Advent Wreath together to mark the arrival of Jesus Christ. We have been discussing the symbolic meaning of the wreath and candles.


Flower Arranging

Horse Chestnut class and our families enjoyed an afternoon of flower arranging. We created beautiful table decorations for Christmas with holly, conifer and sparkly trimmings. A huge thank you to Sharon and Tanya for their hard work and to the support from our families.

100_9656 100_9660 100_9666


November 2014

Roman Bulla Making

We were joined by our families and Carers to make a Roman Bulla. These were worn by Roman children to protect them. Children used felt and embroidery thread to create their own Bulla. It was fantastic having so much support, thank you. It really was a great afternoon.

Mrs Heaps