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Easter Activities

Here’s a link to fun activities Norfolk Libraries have set over April.

Easter Challenges

Week 2

Hello Cherries and families,

I have been missing you all and thinking of you a lot. I hope you are all well and I’m sure you’ve been making good choices for your grown-ups at home. I have had lots of fun planning some learning for you to do at home-school. Don’t forget that as well as the learning I am setting for you, you can learn lots of skills with your grown-ups at home e.g. finding matching pairs of socks in the washing. You can also practise skills such as getting dressed by yourself and folding your PJs! Take care and stay safe, Mrs Tovell.

Dear Parents and Carers
It now seems that it will be several months before social distancing measures will end and school will
resume in its traditional sense. Rather than simply posting a weekly list of activities on the school
website, I am delighted to share with you that for the foreseeable future, our class will be using Seesaw
( ), a secure online journal where students can document and reflect on what they are
learning. Your child will be able to add the things they work on (including photos, videos, worksheets,
drawings and voice recordings) to their Seesaw journal. These journals can be shared privately between
you, me at school, and other family members to view and comment on throughout the school year.
I have posted work for this week on the school website, but would like to move to Seesaw for setting
activities after the children’s Easter break. This is a new app for all of us to get to grips with, so please
bear with me for any teething problems in the first week or so. I am also still attending school to support
children of critical key worker staff, and homeschooling my own child, as well as ‘just’ working from home,
so there may sometimes be delays in responding to work shared – your understanding and support with
this is very much appreciated.
In order for your child to use Seesaw, the app needs your child’s name in order to be able to associate
work like their photos, videos or voice recordings with their account. Seesaw only uses this information to
provide the service and doesn’t advertise in Seesaw, create profiles of students, or share or sell your
child’s personal information or journal content. You can read more about their strong privacy promises
here: .
Under an EU law called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in order for your child to use
Seesaw, the school must get your consent. For more information on GDPR, please visit .
I hope that your child will enjoy using Seesaw to document and share their learning this year. As we are
currently unable to ask you to sign and return a physical copy of this letter, please only set up and log in
to your child’s Seesaw account if you are happy to consent for your child to use the app for Class
activities, as detailed below.
I will assume that all families using Seesaw have given consent. For any families not able or willing to
use Seesaw, I will continue to post work on the website.
You will shortly receive an email with a link to activate your child’s account. Please use the next two
weeks to get used to the layout and I look forward to seeing what the children have been getting up to!
Stay safe!
Emma Tovell
Please sign below and return the form.
I give consent for my child, listed below, to use Seesaw for class activities.
Student Name: ____________________________
Parent Printed Name: _______________________
Parent Signature: __________________________ Date: _________________


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