By law, children must start statutory education full-time at the beginning of the term following their fifth birthday. All parents of children born between 1st September 2014 and 31st August 2015 must be offered a full time place from September 2019.

The intake limit for the Reception year children for 2019-2020 is 15. In the event of over subscription we follow county guidance on admissions. Once your admission to the school has been confirmed we ensure that children make a secure start by inviting your child to attend school for several half days prior to their start in September. We also have an induction evening for Parents/carers. We value your partnership in your child’s learning.

School Hours

School begins at 8.50am

Morning playtime is from 10.30am to 10.45am
Lunchtime is from 12.00noon to 1.00pm
School closes at 3.15pm
Registers close at 9.00am. If you are going to be
late please inform the school so that the dinner and class registers can be taken accordingly.

Children come straight in at 8.40, a bell is rung at 8.50.  Parents are welcome to stay until this time to share their child’s learning or read with their child.

For your child’s safety please inform the school secretary at the start of the day if someone different is collecting him/her from school. If the weather is bad please come into school rather than wait outside.

Office Hours

There is a school secretary who is in school between 8.40am – 4.00pm.  When the office is not manned the answer-phone is switched on.  This is checked regularly.

Absence, Holidays and Punctuality

Please notify the school with a phone call on the morning of a child’s absence as to the nature of the absence, and let us know if it is likely to last for several days. Staff are always concerned when a child is absent. If we do not receive a call from you we will contact you on the first day of absence.

Children with medical/dental appointments during the school time should give prior notice of the appointment to the Headteacher and be collected from the class teacher by the parent.   An appointment card or letter will need to be shown to the secretary.  Parents bringing children to school after an early morning appointment should deliver the children to the class teacher and see the secretary concerning meal arrangements.

Always ensure that your child’s class teacher knows the regular collection arrangements for going home times and inform school if you are delayed or if alternative arrangements have been made.

Schools and parents have a responsibility to ensure that absences are kept to a minimum and a child’s access to the curriculum is at a maximum. If you feel that you need to apply for your child’s leave of absence in term time please contact the Head-teacher.


School Closures can occur in the event of extreme emergency such as:

  1. Extreme Weather Conditions e.g. blocked roads.
  2. No Power.  Cables down.

Please tune to Radio Norfolk or Heart Radio or log on to during severe weather when all school closures will be announced.

School Administration of Medicines – A Guide for Parents

The administration of medicines to children is the responsibility of parents.  However, there are two main sets of circumstances in which requests may be made to school staff to deal with the administration of prescribed medicines to children at school:

  • Cases of chronic illness or long-term complaints, such as asthma, diabetes or epilepsy;
  • Cases where pupils recovering from a short term illness are well enough to return to school, but are receiving a course of prescribed medication such as antibiotics.

Following a period of illness, a child’s own doctor is the person best able to advise whether or not the child is fit to return to school, and it is for parents to seek and obtain such advice as is necessary.

It is preferable that parents administer or supervise the self-administration of medicine to their children.  This may be affected by the child going home during the lunch break or by the parent visiting the school.

If this is not practical, parents may make a request for medicines to be administered to the child in school.  The Headteacher will deal with the case sympathetically and on its merits.  The Headteacher will consider all the circumstances of the case and have regard to the best interest of the pupil and the implications for the staff.

Where any doubt exists about whether or not to agree the administration of a particular course of medication in school, the Headteacher will seek advice from the School Doctor or the Consultant Community Paediatrician.

Where a request is made to the school by parents, it should be in writing and to the effect that the child’s doctor considers it is necessary for the child to take medicine during school hours.  Parents should complete Form MED1 (Parental/Headteacher Agreement for School to Administer Medicine.  This should be given to Mrs Baines or Mrs Heaps with the medicine.

The medicine in its original container should be delivered to school, where-ever possible by a parent, and should be handed personally to Mr Castle and Ms Tovell (Named First Aiders).  Parents should ensure that the medicine is in the container as originally dispensed, clearly labelled with the contents, the child’s name and the dosage and/or other instructions.  Schools may not make changes to the original dosages on parental Instructions.  The receiving member of staff will check the intelligibility of the instructions.  Parents should ensure the child is familiar with the dosage and, subject to age and physical and mental capacity, is able to self-administer the medicine under adult supervision.

In cases where children require medication over long periods of time, any change in the dosage or other arrangements must be notified by parents, in writing, to the Headteacher.

A copy of the School Administration of Medicines Policy Statement is available for parents to view at the school.


The aims of a school driving and parking policy are:

  • To reduce congestion around the school
  • Be considerate to local residents
  • Make the school gate a safe environment for children and parents alike.

Although we have a car park within our new school build Norfolk County Council advises us that this is not to be used for drop off or pick up.  Space is limited and there are health and safety concerns about parents manoeuvring within this space while children are entering or leaving the school.

Parking is very limited outside the school so please take great care.  The Post Office next door have requested that you leave two parking spaces outside their shop for their disabled and elderly customers.  Please do not park on the Zigzag lines outside the school.

This policy’s overall aim is to provide and promote a safe environment for the children to travel to and from school.

Park and stride

The Parish Council have offered the use of the Wenn Evans Centre so parents may park and walk their children to and from school.  Obviously this may not be possible every day but once or twice a week would relieve congestion around the school gate and also have advantages:

  • Walking is a healthy option
  • Promoting children’s pedestrian road sense
  • Environmental awareness
  • Children talking about their school day

Car Sharing

Car sharing is also an effective way to cut school gate congestion.


A cycle shed is available within the new school premises.  Cycling proficiency courses are held for children aged 9 and above.


The yellow Zigzag lines at the school gates are designed to allow a clear view up and down the road for children crossing the road and in our case gives a guaranteed space for the school bus.  If you stop even to drop off on these lines views can be obscured and congestion may occur.

Be considerate to local residents when parking by avoiding driveways or on pavements.