Governor’s Vision

We have a vision to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment within a nurturing Church school with a strong family ethos, where children recognise and achieve their fullest potential, in their academic, creative, personal, moral and spiritual development.

The classroom focus is on challenge, engagement and achievement. Learning is for life and celebrated in all forms. A huge range of extended activities enhances the formal curriculum and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

The school has a well-qualified and highly committed staff, both teaching and non-teaching. They too are valued as individuals and their learning celebrated.

We are currently building a free standing Early Years Class which will provide a dedicated safe space for our youngest children.

Key Issues

Key Issues (September 2014 – to date)

  • To increase the percentage of good/outstanding teaching to 80% and to support the NQT’s to become good teacher.
  • To build and develop a new team of staff.
  • To ensure the achievement of pupils is good or better focussing on most able pupils and their progress between KS1 & KS2, making 2 levels in reading, writing and maths and to ensure the gap between vulnerable groups and the cohort is reduced.
  • Continue to improve phonics teaching in KS1 by daily sessions of input.
  • Introduction of the new curriculum.
  • Development of assessment and to create an effective means of tracking pupil progress and identifying the next steps for learning.
  • To build the proposed EYFS building and the future development of the library, staff room and group room.
  • To embed effective marking, building on peer assessment and pupil response.
  • To improve expectations for all learners.
  • Continued intervention for pupils who have gaps in their learning.
  • To develop effective use of learning walls in the classroom.
  • More parental engagement in the classroom.
  • School Council & to develop further school leaders within the classroom.
  • Teaching assistants to be deployed effectively and support all learning,
  • To improve the quality of governance – skills audit & further distribution of roles.
  • Continuing Professional Development

The Governing Body continues to support the HT and her staff with the key issues that need to be addressed in school.