Aims and Values

Mission Statement

Learning for Life

                          ……to be the best you can be




  • To achieve excellence through our children’s enjoyment of learning.
  • To give all children the opportunities to reach their full potential.
  • To raise standards of each individual child’s achievement in relation to prior attainment.



  • To achieve high standards of quality teaching and learning and ensure high standards of achievement.
  • To ensure all children have opportunities to learn in many exciting ways in a creative curriculum.
  • To provide a wide range of extended school activities including sports to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • To provide a stimulating, attractive school which has a warm, welcoming atmosphere for all.
  • To use the school’s resources efficiently to ensure good value for money and to be models for reducing, reusing and recycling.



  • As a Church School, we place particular emphasis on promoting Christian values throughout the school following Christian ‘Values for Life’.
  • To promote an ethos which ensures that all children feel safe and happy.
  • To equip children to be lifelong learners with the skills and attitudes to be responsible members of society.
  • To help children learn about sustainable living by bringing them closer to the natural world and to capture their imagination in outdoor play and learning.
  • To develop an awareness and respect of their own cultures and beliefs and those of other people.
  • To be a model for inclusion enabling all members to participate in school life.
  • To encourage and praise the positive in each child not just academic achievement.